TGS are able to offer a variety of services to suit our clients requirements. We aim to achieve a quick turnaround in our works to ensure projects are finished on time to a high standard. 

Our usual sites of work can be anything from highways, sports courts, playgrounds, airfields, basement car parks to multi storey car parks, if you are unsure as to which category your works fall within or which is the best material for your project, please feel to contact us.


We use the latest Graco spray equipment to apply the markings, and update the application tips regularly to ensure the paint is being applied at the correct thickness.

The different types of paint we use are: Vialine (Acrylic) / Water based / Multi-grip non slip / MMA (Methyl Methcrylate) / Chlorinated Rubber 

Vialine is our recommended product for application on concrete and block paving, the purpose of this material is for it to soak into the surface, leaving a bright, smooth finish. Perfect for basement & multi storey car parks. It takes on average 20 minutes to dry, even faster in the warmer months. Water based paint is generally used for large infill area’s such as tennis courts, running tracks etc. Multi-Grip is a non slip aggregate based paint from the Vialine range, used on solid infill areas particularly  pedestrian safety walkways, disabled & electric car bays. 

The bonus of Spray Applied paint is that all numbers/letters/arrows/ pedestrian & disabled motifs are stencilled which leaves the finished product looking uniform throughout. We are able to offer bespoke markings in all shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.


Thermoplastic is a material that is applied when it is in it’s hot liquid form and then hardens usually within one minute once it has cooled down (depending on the air/surface temperature).
This material we mainly use on tarmac surfaces such as highways & car parks as it is designed to melt into the surface, it can also be used on concrete and block paved areas but requires a primer first.

As Thermoplastic can be heated and cooled with this process being repeated, we are able to do all sorts of bespoke markings to suit your requirements.

Car parks/Highways/Cycle routes/Letters/Numbers/ Arrows/Standard parking bays & DDA spec Disabled bays.

We can apply thermoplastic line markings in wet conditions depending on the type of tarmac and how long it has been down for.


Antiskid and safety surfacing are designed to provide coloured traffic calming measures and levels of high friction to a range of road and pathway surfaces, minimising skidding in dangerous weather conditions. A number of options are available for anti-skid products, depending on the extent of friction and / or colour required in the area and the existing safety precautions currently in place. We only ever use BBA/HAPAS approved materials.

Anti-skid colour options (most common) buff/red/black/grey.

A slight alternative option to our antiskid surfacing is a product offering slightly lower antiskid qualities with a lower polished stone value (PSV) of 65. This is ideal for areas used by pedestrians or cyclists, offering higher grip with antiskid, and ensuring a safer environment in both wet and hot conditions, the colour options for this are greater. ​


We offer a variety of surface preparation:

  • High pressure cleaning 
  • Mechanical sweeping
  • Mechanical grinder ( Scabbler)
  • Patching & pot hole repairs
  • Joint Sealing/ Over banding
  • Re-sanding to block paved areas


We offer a variety of removal & temporary removal options for most surfaces:

  • Removal by HCA lance ( burning off)
  • Mechanical grinder ( scabbler)
  • Hydro-blasting
  • Black thermoplastic


We have knowledgable team members that can assist with any queries or questions you may have.